Renters Insurance

Landlords should insist on renters insurance for their own protection. As a marketing tool, you can often include the insurance as a free bonus to tenants. Renters insurance can be purchased for around $210 a year for $10,000 replacement cost… Read More ›

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  • Repair Requests

    You don’t need specialized software to have easy online management of repair requests. Spend 20 minutes setting up our system, and you will save LOTS of time later, and always have a paper trail if somebody lies about something. Interested?… Read More ›

  • City Inspections

    Several months ago, somebody wrote to us about a new local law that required city inspections each time a residential rental property changed to a new tenant. Gadsden passed such a law in 2007. THIS IS COMING to other municipalities… Read More ›

  • Smells, Noise, Allergies

    Landlords of multi-family properties have an obligation to ensure that all tenants have the quiet enjoyment of their premises.  This includes the right to be free from strong odors, allergens and noise.  We all understand the part about noise, and… Read More ›