Animal Addendum Form


Animal addendum form applies equally to pets and to disability animals, including emotional support animals. Protects property and neighbors, allows for declaration of default and eviction.  Includes affidavit regarding disability letters, and disclosure of possibility of prosecution for fraudulent statements. Detailed description below.


All landlords should have an Animal Addendum, not a Pet Addendum or Pet Clause. That is because Emotional Support Animals and other disability-related animals are not pets. Your pet language does not apply to them.  Use an all-purpose Animal Addendum with detailed rules that protect your property (including lawns!) and the quiet enjoyment of the neighbors, and ensures humane treatment of the animal on the premises.  Our Addendum also includes reporting requirements from tenants and veterinarian verification of shots, spay/neuter, plus flea treatments.  Default in any of the provisions is an event of default that could result in eviction, whether the tenant has a disability or not.

Plus, our form includes an Affidavit for disability animal situations. It affirms the existence of a disability and that the person has been under the care of the ESA letter writer for a certain number of months or years and sees that person an average of X times a year. It includes a disclosure that fraudulent statements will void the lease, result in eviction, and the matter will also be turned over to the District Attorney’s office for prosecution.


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