Evictions and Collections Class

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Lease clauses and management policies that avoid many collection problems.  In-depth coverage of the Alabama eviction process, collection lawsuits, turning judgments into money, and bankruptcy issues. Approved for 3 hours AREC credit, course #802, and eligible for 3 hours of Alabama MCLE credit. Also open to public.  Scroll to bottom of page for list of Topics and Handouts.




  • Lease clauses
  • Management contract clauses
  • Credit management policies
  • Notices
  • Declaring a default
  • Forbearance agreements
  • Partial payments
  • Filing the eviction lawsuit
  • Obtaining service
  • Default judgments
  • Judgment without a trial, even if tenant answers and disputes eviction
  • Trial
  • Appeals
  • Turnout
  • Bankruptcy
  • Collections strategies, including judgment lien, levy and execution, garnishment, and filing your judgment in other states if tenant or guarantor moves
  • Attorneys we recommend

Immediately after registering, you will receive an email with links to download the course handouts. All material copyright protected.  Handouts include:

  1. All class slides
  2. Complete eviction forms package
  3. Forbearance Agreement
  4. Partial Payment Agreement
  5. Notice of Default and Opportunity to Cure
  6. Notice of Non-Curable Default and Termination of Lease
  7. Notice of Cure and Non-Waiver of Future Defaults
  8. Notice of Lease Termination and Demand for Possession
  9. Notice of Abandonment

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HUNTSVILLE – Friday June 14 from 1 to 4pm at Comfort Inn, 4725 University Drive NW, Video

7 reviews for Evictions and Collections Class

  1. Amy Parker

    Wow! It’s like the lawyers and the court personnel have a conspiracy to keep people in the dark about evictions. Things don’t take as long as everybody says. They just drag their feet. This class was a real eye opener about how things are supposed to work, and how I can help myself every step of the way, even with a lawyer. She even gave us a lot of negotiating tips for how to handle tenants who default. I tried one, and it worked. I got my money AND the tenant agreed to sign a new and stronger lease. Thanks, Denise. Can’t wait to take another class.

  2. Amy Cuny

    Excellent class. Denise was very professional and provided up-to-date info. Her candid way of covering the material and giving tips about how to handle problems kept the classroom and me interested and involved. Definitely would take another class from Denise.

  3. Laura Thomas

    Great class for property owners or managers. I do both. The information and documents were both a huge help in understanding the current laws and procedures. Worth both the time and the money whether you need the CE credit or just want more information on how to deal with problem tenants or keep them from becoming problem tenants.

  4. vicky

    AN OUTSTADING CLASS! Ms. Evans gave tons of practical information–and explained in detail, understandable, and down-to-earth way the whole eviction process. It cleared up a lot of my misconceptions, helped me understand Fair Housing issues in greater depth, and gave me the knowledge and self-confidence to handle troublesome tenant issues. Moreover, the forms are extremely helpful! A topnotch class!

  5. David Watson

    OUTSTANDING! Again, if classes that actually help a person better do their job- and legally- is important, you won’t go wrong with Denise. Imparting knowledge requires a capable teacher, which Denise certainly is.

  6. Rhonda Douglas

    Highly Recommen. I will continue to attend Denise Evans educational classes! They are very informative with useful information that you can take back to the office and apply immediately. She communicates in a manner that allows you to retain the information that you are learning. She is always willing to answer any questions that you may have no matter how big or small. I appreciate Denise Evans and her ability to keep me on track with my business.

  7. Kami Scarborough

    Very Informative. The course was very informative and gave great examples of how to improve our practices for property management.

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