Landlord Tenant Law Class

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Overview of legal issues all Alabama landlords and property managers should know.  Class price includes lease and other forms in MS Word so you can customize them. Open to public, but also earns 6 hours of real estate CE and eligible for 6 hours of MCLE for attorneys. Select city/date of class from drop down menu below, including ability to attend in person or over the Internet.  Scroll to bottom of page for list of topics and handouts.





  • Contract law in general (overlap of various laws, leases signed by minors, electronic signatures and accidental leases)
  • People Issues (landlord, tenant, roommates, occupants, illegal aliens, children, seniors, property manager, guarantor, death, missing people, divorce, marriage after lease signed, battered partners, abused children, subtenants, ownership changes)
  • Animal issues (pets, disability animals, dangerous animals, vermin)
  • Premises issues (excluded areas, delayed possession, holding over, habitability, duty to repair, mold, bedbugs, municipal inspections, access rights, attractive nuisances)
  • Money issues (rent, discounts, partial payments, paid-in-full checks, security deposits, prepaid rent, late charges, fee schedules, charges for early lease termination)
  • Term issues (month-to-month notices, holding over, automatic renewals, handling sublease requests)
  • Default issues (when exactly is default, notices, incurable defaults, multiple defaults, forbearance agreement, termination of lease, suing for money damages, duty to mitigate, allegations of landlord default)
  • Q&A: Open mike for ANYTHING you want to ask about.



  • All class slides
  • Lease form
  • Animal Addendum (for pets and disability animals)
  • Rules, Regulations & Fee Schedules for Tenants
  • Notice of Default and Opportunity to Cure
  • Notice of Non-Curable Default
  • Notice of Termination


Open to public, but also earns 6 hours of real estate CE and eligible for 6 hours of MCLE for attorneys.

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MONTGOMERY Oct 28 (Mon) from 9am to 4pm at 441 High Street, MOBILE Nov 13 (Wed) from 9am to 4pm at Hilton Garden Inn, 828 W I-65 Service Road S, HUNTSVILLE Nov 18 (Mon) from 9am to 4pm at Marriott Courtyard 4804 University Dr, BIRMINGHAM Dec 14 (Saturday) from 9am to 4pm at Marriott Courtyard 4300 Colonnade Parkway, Video

18 reviews for Landlord Tenant Law Class

  1. Yvonne Rinehart

    Affordable class and priceless info. We really did enjoy your class, Introduction to Landlord Tenant Issues. The class was very affordable and the information was priceless. Can’t wait to attend another class. Yvonne Rinehart, Capital Real Estate, Tuscaloosa

  2. Joanne Anderson

    Valuable information. I attended Denise Evans’ Landlord/Tenant classes that were held in Mobile Al. They were both full of valuable information that I could use in the day to day operations and management of our rental properties. I took pages of notes! We had just the right amount of breaks, and there was never a lull. The class instructor was very knowledgeable, and was very helpful in answering the many questions the class asked. Joanne Anderson, Broker, Mobile

  3. Robert D Fuhrman Jr

    I would recommend Denise’s class to anyone in the business. Her years of experience in Landlord/tenant law make it beneficial for those who are looking to stay on top of the Act and the changes that occur. The class was open for discussion and Denise gives great advice for recommendations on how to better safeguard yourself from litigation. This is something I would do at least on an annual basis.

  4. Ana Boston

    I am a new property manager. So I am very eager to learn. The instructor Denise Evans made learning fun and easy. Her experience and attention to every detail made me feel more confident going into the business. Since her class, my business has grown and I have been able to take what she has taught me and apply it to my business. She is an innovative speaker and has exceptional knowledge in Landlord and tenant relations.

  5. Tracey Goens

    Mrs. Evans class was great. so much practical information that you can use and apply to daily situations- with Landlord & Tenants . You have to be educated and up to date on the new laws to protect you and your landlord. This class does that. Thanks Denise for a wonderful class. Worth the money. Will take other class by her.

  6. Aiveen Kahalley

    If you want to be successful in Property Management – Denise Evans classes are a MUST!! Not only do you get a tremendous amount of info, but Denise is genuinely interested in seeing you succeed! Very informative!! I have been taking her classes for years and she is definitely the expert when it comes to Property Management!

  7. vicky

    Ms. Evans discussed in detail just what I needed to know–and gave me the confidence that I will be in full compliance with Alabama Landlord and Tenant Law. As always, Ms. Evans exceeded expectations!

  8. Bob Wilson

    This class is a must to take if you are in property management. Denise brings vast knowledge to the table and she uses a lot of real-life situations. Her classes are fun and very informative. You really need to take this class to help you in your business. I really look forward to taking more classes with Denise.

  9. David Watson

    If taking a class that results in what these classes are supposed to, Denise Evans is a very sensible choice. Her knowledge and ability to convey pertinent information is outstanding. I actually left her class with REMEMBERED information and not just having a license renewed.

  10. Rhonda Douglas

    This seminar was very informative and Denise was very patient with answering all of our questions. I would definitely recommend this class to learn about this important law. Because of this seminar, we are now making several changes to our processes and policy and procedure.

  11. Amber

    Great class and very informative! I would highly recommend taking this class!!

  12. Jonathan Bedwell

    Great course. Presenter was very helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks!

  13. Gia Kendall

    Amazing information packed class!

  14. Latasha Holt

    The BEST!! This class was very informative and gave me so much confidence to continue my real estate journey as a landlord/investor. I am a student , always. When you’re educated you’re less afraid. Thank you for being a thorough educator.

  15. Lori Riley

    Best class in a long time! Denise Evans is a great teacher, very knowledgeable, and keeps the class interesting. THIS LADY KNOWS HER STUFF!! I received great information from the class and am implementing it in my office.

  16. Lois Brown

    License renewal continuing ed classes that are not only packed full of really relevant material but interesting information and humor as well. Thanks Denise for making the time fly by instead of drudging through as most of them do! Great up to date info. Thanks!

  17. David Watson

    I have stated before that if your goal is to gain information that will be beneficial with not only being updated with any Real Estate law changes, but increase relevant knowledge in property management, Denise Evans is one of the best. We just concluded classes with her last week and my opinion has not changed- except that she probably is the best.

  18. Leigh Barlow

    This class was great! Full of relevant information geared towards property management. Denise Evans is one of the best instructors who keeps you engaged in the topic.

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