Problem Tenants


Approved for 3 hours real estate CE credit, also open to public. Learn how to deal effectively with problem tenants.  Scroll down for detailed information and registration link.




Meet and conquer the “Dirty Dozen” of problem tenants. You’ve all encountered them, often MANY times in a month. They fall into two categories: Clueless and Abusive. Learn how to deal with both types with composure and firmness, and learn how to break the cycle of tenants causing problems, once and for all!

Class includes form letters and suggested “scripts” for common problems and confrontations.  Plus, you get a copy of my famous “Rules, Regulations and Fee Schedules” that attaches collectible fees as consequences for bad (or even just annoyingly time consuming) behavior.

In-person and live online classes approved for 3 hours of real estate CE credit, course #570. Also open to public.  Pre-recorded video does not earn CE credit.


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