Free Online Repair Request System

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Instructions for creating an online repair/maintenance request form for tenants. Uses Google Forms. Instructions are free and the system is free! Provides a good paper trail of what tenants did (and did NOT!) request, plus easy forwarding to repair persons.

5 reviews for Free Online Repair Request System

  1. Jere Austill

    Excellent and Extremely Helpful! Makes everything so much easier. No more “but I called you” complaints. Much easier to keep track of issues.

  2. Antonio Rogers


  3. Travis Parker

    A very thorough and well thought out System. It shows all the steps necessary to set-up a very easy to use repair request method. Some easy options that I hadn’t even considered (QR code use).

  4. Latasha Holt

    Great Info. Simple way to keep track of request. Thanks for the step by step instructions this makes getting started a breeze.

  5. Edward

    Thanks. Very helpful.

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