Risk Management for Property Managers

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Manage, reduce or eliminate common risks encountered by Alabama landlords and property managers. Earns 3 hours of real estate CE risk management credit for online OR in-person attendance, but also open to public.  Scroll down for class details, and for registration link.






  • To LLC or Not to LLC (pros, cons, tax advantages)
  • Money management issues
  • AREC audit
  • Health – COVID-19 and HIV/Aids
  • Animals – including pets, dangerous animals & emotional support animals
  • Criminals – drugs, prostitution, sex offenders
  • Icky things – mold, bedbugs, dead tenant
  • The Feds–Fair Housing, Fair Credit, Fair Debt Collection, DEA forfeitures
  • Premises liability to 3rd parties
  • Protecting premises from tenants and others
  • Sexual harassment
  • Property management contracts as risk management tools
  • Lease as risk management tool
  • Tenant self-inspection and reporting as risk management tool
  • Types of insurance coverage


  • Class slides

19 reviews for Risk Management for Property Managers

  1. Robbin Chambliss (verified owner)

    Truly enjoyed taking these classes. Instructor thoroughly versed in the subject matter. Brought much more understanding in the law regarding this subject Property Management and Problem Tenant. Appreciate her knowledge of Fair Housing Laws and ability to answer the questions in easily understood language. She quoted law and explained it. Great classes. Highly recommend her classes.

  2. Wade Farris (verified owner)

    Great information taught by a first class instructor! Thank you Denise!

  3. Raymond G Regner (verified owner)

    Denise Evans provides an outstanding class that met all my expectations. Denise is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspect of risk management and her presentation of the subject matter was excellent. Class participation was encouraged and Denise mentioned on several occasions that she would be available for questions anytime in the future. This is an informative class that I am recommending to the rest of my team to take.

  4. John High (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the class, learned some new things and great reminders of some things you forget after a while. Beneficial for anyone involved w/property management.

  5. william a lunsford

    great job Denise, very informative and helpful.

  6. Clarence Brown II (verified owner)

    GREAT GREAT class. Thank you for the Property Managment information. I appreciate the attention to detail on various topics within the realm of Property Management.

  7. Jean Burford (verified owner)

    This was a great class. Denise knew her material and presented it in an interesting manner. I hope to take more of her classes.

  8. Danny Gonzalez

    Awesome teacher, very knowledgable!

  9. Ben Burford (verified owner)

    Denise really knows her stuff. She has a wealth of experience in not only real estate management, but the law as well. She was interesting, thorough, relevant, and had a dry wit that was refreshing and entertaining.

  10. Yvonne Rinehart (verified owner)

    5 stars
    Great class and great instructor

  11. George Dennis (verified owner)

    Denise had the class well organized, answered questions timely, and the material presented was pertinent. I enjoyed her class, and I would happily take another.

  12. Tyshun Nevith

    Denise not only knows her stuff, but she really makes it interesting and accessible. Highly recommend!

  13. Robert D Fuhrman Jr

    Great class, Instructor is very knowledgable on all topics related to risk and Landlord Tenant law.


  14. Michelle Tyson

    5 Stars

  15. Michelle Tyson

    Risk Management for Property Managers Seminar

  16. Joann Mcnatt

    Great thanks for the info. Informative.

  17. Ana Boston

    In the world of property management, I have realized that there is no world like it! I feel like I am lost on a planet of disgruntled tenants and people that I will never be able to satisfy- no matter what I do! But the key is to have the answers. To know what you are doing. Denise helps with that. She is a world of knowledge and every time I take her classes, I feel equipped and confident in what I am doing.

  18. Ana Boston

    Property Management is a tough business. There are so many risks and so many different circumstances that can lead us possibly to court! After taking Denise’s class, and learning about what I can and cannot do as a property manager, has allowed me to assist my owners in a more professional and confident way. Our owners look to us for advice and it is so important to have accurate information to give them. I would recommend taking this class at least twice a year to just make sure you are up to date on all the Risk Management procedures. I recommend taking this class with Denise! Her experience, and knowledge is just mind blowing. You will definitely walk out of class feeling as though you are equipped and knowledgeable to take on anything that comes your way. She makes learning so fun and easy. She allows you opportunities to ask questions that she always has the answers to. Whether you are managing 10 or 100 properties, the information that you will learn while taking her class will benefit you and take your business to the next level!

  19. Joanne Anderson

    Yesterday I attended Denise Evans’ Landlord/Tenant classes that were held in Mobile Al. They were both full of valuable information that I could use in the day to day operations and management of our rental properties. I took pages of notes! We had just the right amount of breaks, and there was never a lull. The class instructor was very knowledgeable, and was very helpful in answering the many questions the class asked. Joanne Anderson, Broker, Mobile

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